Happy Sunday beautiful humans ! Today, I want to share with you how to fall madly in love with yourself. I wanted to share this post on valentine’s day, but one month later and the article was still not ready to be published 😅

Falling in love with myself was and still is an important part of my wellness journey. Learning how to appreciate myself as a person, recognize my worth, and just enjoy my own company is still something I am working on. Self-love and/or self-acceptance is important for one’s well-being because loving yourself can affect the way you live and interact with others. So, today, I want to share with you what works for me and what I personally learned in my self-care journey.

Note: It is totally normal to have days when you appreciate yourself less and it’s okay not to be at your “best” self all the time. You may have days when you dislike how you look. It’s totally normal and you don’t need to be in love with yourself all the time.

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How To Fall Madly In Love With Yourself

How To Fall Madly In Love With Yourself
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Focus on yourself 🧘‍♀️

Self-focus means prioritizing your own needs and desires over those of others. It does not mean that you are actively working against others. It’s about taking in consideration your needs, without also taking into account what someone else wants for you. It also means that you don’t wear yourself out to make them happy. Focusing on your needs is the first way you can fall in love with yourself. On the other hand, prioritizing your needs is not selfish, it’s more of an act of self-love. But when you’ve been in the habit of focusing on others, it can be hard to shift gears. Which brings me to my second point: going on a solo date !

Go on a solo date 🧺

Going on a date by yourself is a wonderful way for you to spend time with yourself, enjoy your own company and learn more about who you are as a person. Yes, that’s what spending time with yourself does. I actually published an article on how to spend time alone and shared a lot of solo date ideas such as visiting a museum or going to a coffee place to read a book, so if you feel like it, go check it out 😉

Discover who you are as a person ☁️

Directly tied to my second point, discovering who you are as a person can help you form a deep relationship with yourself and ultimately fall in love with yourself. You can do that by spending time alone, trying new things and/or by journaling through your thoughts. I absolutely love the process of journaling because I get to translate whatever goes on in my mind on a paper. I get to understand my mind, what I love, and how I perceive the world and myself. It’s also a wonderful way to track your progress and see how far you’ve come in your wellness journey.

Practice positive affirmations 💕

Another way you can fall madly in love with yourself is by practicing positive affirmations. As weird as it sounds, repeating positive things about yourself does help your mental state and how you perceive yourself. It’s an exercise I love to do when I have self-doubt or notice I’ve been criticizing myself a lot, which happens more often than not.

How To Fall Madly In Love With Yourself

Avoid comparing yourself to others 📱

The fifth way you can fall in love with yourself is by avoiding comparing yourself to others. It can contribute to a lot of self-doubt or self-hate, and social media tends to accentuate this phenomenon. What helps me deal with that is by going on a digital detox. I try my best to fill my time with hobbies or mindful activities that allow me to focus on me. If I do spend time on social media, I prefer looking at things that inspire me. So, I try my best to unfollow accounts I dislike or that makes me feel bad about what I have and what I am.

What also helps me is journaling the things I admire about myself and listing all of the things I am grateful for in my life.

Romanticize your life 💌

The last way you can fall in love with yourself is by romanticizing your life. That may seem shallow, but looking at myself as the main character of my own life helps me a lot to build confidence and love myself, as I am. I start seeing myself as the person I’ve always dreamed of being (with good and bad days), I make things happen for myself and see myself as worthy.

How To Fall Madly In Love With Yourself

That’s it for today. Thanks for passing by and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below 🤍 !


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