Happy Sunday 🤍✨! Today, I want to share with you how you can bring positive energy into your home in 8 different ways.

My home is a like my little sanctuary. Whenever I have a bad day, the one and only place i want to crawl back into is the safe haven I created. I absolutely love decorating and by creating a home full of textures, colours and scents that you love, you create a place that you feel safe and calm in. Knowing you have a lovely space to return to at the end of a hectic day will offset a lot of stress and negative energy. So, I created a place where I could paint, cook, relax, watch movies, play, read and overall, feel happy in.

So today, I want to share with you some ideas on how to attract positive energy to your home. Let’s get into it and don’t forget to check out my previous post: THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR A SMOOTH SKIN TEXTURE! !

8 Ways to Bring Positive Energy into your Home

8 Ways to Bring Positive Energy into your Home
Photo by Valentina Ivanova on Unsplash

Add healing crystals 🔮

The first way you can attract positive energy into your living space is by adding healing crystals. I love thoughtfully placing crystals a little bit everywhere in my home. They make beautiful decorative pieces that embellish my home and can, if you believe in the power of crystals, radiate strong energy to protect, bring happiness, ease communication and/or promote intimacy.

Incorporate flowers and plants🪴

Ways to Bring Positive Energy into your Home
Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash

The second way you can bring positivity into your home is by incorporating flowers, plants or both, into your space. I personally love to decorate my living room with plants and dried flowers. Plants bring so much life into a home and give off such a welcoming vibe. It’s also been proven that taking care of plants has therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, fresh flowers can add so much joy and colour into a space and can truly brighten up your home.

Use scent 🕯

Using scents by adding candles or diffusers is another wonderful way you can bring comfort and positivity in your home. It allows you to create a cozy ambiance that stimulates your senses, and automatically warms up a place. Many fragrances possess strong associative properties, and work easily to alter the mood, promoting increased alertness and positivity, or creating feelings of calm, tranquillity and relaxation. They can be helpful in alleviating stress, easing insomnia, providing clarity and focus.

Pay attention to lighting 💡

Lighting can have a huge effect on the atmosphere of your home. For instance, warm lighting, such as yellowish or reddish lights, can create a cozy and comforting environment. Whereas blue lights can make us feel energized and productive. At night, i love to dim the lights and turn on candles. It creates this inviting and calming space that instantly boosts my mood and helps me unwind after a long day.

During the day, i love to invite natural light into my living room. It instantly prepares me for the day ahead and just adds natural warmth into the space. In fact, a lot of research shows that natural lighting has a profound impact on our mood, especially our happiness level.

Warm up your place 🥰

A fifth way you can bring positive energy in your home is by warming up your place. By that, i mean to create an inviting place by adding candles, cozy textiles and beautiful artwork. I don’t know about you, but I love aesthetically pleasing things and looking at my living room calms my mind.

Thoughtfully decorating your space allows you to add the best of your personality or memory into your home. My living room contains so many little souvenirs and art pieces that reminds me of happy memories and moments in my life I don’t want to forget. It also brings out a side of myself most people don’t know about.

Declutter 🧺

Another way I like to bring positivity into my home is by decluttering my space. A clutter-free space allows the energy to circulate and in turn, allows you to breathe and have a clearer mental space. I personally do not thrive in chaos. I like to have an organized space and I’m not sure if that’s the case for everyone, but cleaning is a way for me to release negative energy. It brings me so much joy to tidy up a space.

Cleanse negativity 🪔

Ways to Bring Positive Energy into your Home
Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Cleansing negativity is an easy way for you to clean the energy into your home and make space for positivity. Personally, I love to do that by smoke cleansing. First, I burn sage or palo santo (ethically sourced) to get rid of any unwanted energy. Then, I either burn rose petals or lavender in my cauldron or do simmering pot to add calmness and positivity into my space. This is a little ritual I love to do on a bi-weekly basis or when I feel the need to.

Set up an ambiance 🪵

Whenever I feel demotivated, I love to set up a cozy ambiance with soothing music, aesthetic visuals playing on my tv (I play an ambiance music on youtube), comforting scents and candle lights. This actually brings all of my points above together to bring a more positive atmosphere into my living room.

8 Ways to Bring Positive Energy into your Home

That’s it for today ! Let me know your thoughts on this post and how you like to bring positive energy into your space. 🤍

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