Happy Thursday! Today, I am sharing my 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas! These are some suggestions I think would make a perfect gift for a loved one. I tried to include different budgets and a variety of options, so I hope this is helpful.

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2021 Holiday Gift Ideas

holiday gift ideas
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Lifestyle and wellness (under 50$)

holiday gift ideas

Moka pot (30$) – Perfect for coffee lovers

Posters from Desinio (14$ – 49$)- One for every style

Decorative Vase from H&M (15$ – 40$) – Perfect statement piece

The 5 Minute Journal (25$) – Perfect to start off your wellness journey

Affirmation Card Deck (15$) – The perfect deck of cards to start the day on a positive note!

BOOK: Magical Self-Care For Everyday Life (20$) – Wonderful book to start your wellness/witchcraft journey. It contains a lot of exercises and recipes! Plus, I find it suitable for everyone (not just witches)

Sunrise Alarm Clock (38$) – I mean this is just cool!

Sustainable (under 50$)

holiday gift ideas

Tote bag – Perfect for grocery shopping or for everyday wear (price varies depending on the brand but I linked a handmade one which costs less than 50$)!

Shampoo and conditioner bar soap set (40$) – A beginner’s set for sustainable beauty!

Zero Waste book (23$) – Perfect gift if your loved one wants to start into this lifestyle!

Set of reusable cotton rounds, headband, and wash bag (25$) – Amazing option for sustainable beauty gurus

Beauty (under 300$)

holiday gift ideas

Blowout Hair Dryer Brush (80$) – Because it’s amazing!

Set of Silk Hair Scrunchies (65$) – Gentle for the hair and just pretty!

Tréstique beauty box set (219$) – A set of 8 makeup products that are clean, zero-waste, and sustainable! They also offer more affordable gift sets, ranging from 26$ to 50$.

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are all of my ideas for the perfect 2021 holiday gift! I hope this post was helpful to you and inspired you to get something awesome and meaningful to your loved ones!


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