Happy Thursday! Today, I wanted to share with you 9 ways you can show up for yourself. Showing up for yourself is basically another way of loving yourself, honoring yourself, and being your own biggest supporter. It’s the ultimate form of self-care and self-love!

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9 Ways To Show Up To Yourself

show up for yourself
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Taking it slow 

The first way you can show up for yourself is by taking things slow. By doing so, you allow yourself to take a step back from your life and focus on how you are doing. It allows you to take a mental break from your busy life, in order to recharge and to enjoy the present moment!

Be kinder to yourself 

The next way you can show yourself love is by being kind to yourself. We are literally our own worst critic and it’s surprising to see how hard we can be on ourselves. So, the next way you can show up for yourself is to talk to yourself in a more positive way. Think about it: you’d never talk to your younger self in a harsh way so, don’t do it to your current self. One exercise I did recently helped me see this from another perspective. I had to imagine my child-self saying the negative things I currently think about myself. It truly made me tear up because I’d never want her to think those things.

Stop caring about what people think 

The third way you can show love to yourself is by not caring what other people think about you. Otherwise, this can take a turn on your mental health and can influence the way you act and what you do. People judge anyway, so might as well be yourself and do what makes you happy.

Dedicating time for yourself

The fourth way you can show up to yourself is by dedicating time to your own well-being. By either resting, having fun, or taking care of your physical self. At least once a day, do something that is just for you, not for work, not for school or for your friends. Just for you.

Feel your feelings 

The next way you can show up for yourself is to feel your feelings. Acknowledging the emotion you are feeling will validate your experience and will allow you to move through it much more effectively than if you just try to ignore it. So, whenever an emotion arises – good, bad, or neutral- let yourself feel it. A lot of the time I will try to journal my emotional experience to help me embrace it and let it out. I highly recommend this method!

Taking care of your physical self

This next tip goes hand in hand with the previous one and that is to dedicate time to take care of your body. Physical health is an important part of self-care. After all, your body does so much for you, it’s important for you to respect it and treat it like a sacred temple. You can do that by working out, eating well, drinking water, and resting. But also, by developing a healthy relationship with your body through self-love and body positivity.

Living the present moment and stop worrying over the things you cannot control 

The seventh way you can show up for yourself is by living in the present moment and stopping worrying over the things you cannot control. I think I listed that next tip as a reminder for myself because I tend to hurt myself by worrying over the things I cannot control. I hurt myself by overthinking and forgetting to live in the present moment. When I do that, I feel like it’s counter-productive in my self-healing journey. So, that’s definitely something I have to work on.

Staying grateful 

Staying grateful is something I tend to add to most of my wellness articles and for good reasons. Acknowledging what you have and being grateful for them have so many benefits for your mental health. It invites you to recognize more blessings and good things in your life. Taking the habit to list at least 3 things you are grateful for every day will help improve your overall mood because you are focusing on the positive. On the subject of self-love, the 3 things you are grateful for could be related to your body, mind, or soul.

Developing fun hobbies

Dedicating time for yourself can mean dedicating time for fun hobbies such as painting or playing an instrument. Something that I’ve learned recently is that it’s not essential to make a profit out of everything you love doing. Instead, keep one or two hobbies for the sole purpose of having a good time. If you’re having trouble finding a new hobby, do some research online. For example, you can read blogposts to find out more about pursuing music. Furthermore, hobbies can be excellent stress relievers and are a fun way to engage in self-care.

9 Ways To Show Up For Yourself

There are so many ways you can show yourself love, and today, I shared with you 9 ways that personally worked for me. I do hope it was helpful to you and wish you a wonderful day!  


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