Happy Friday! Today, I am sharing with you the ultimate guide to tarot cards! Tarot cards were the first tool I used as a witch. They helped me evolve as a person and have been a huge help in my self-healing practice. In this post, I will explain to you what are Tarot Cards, why I work with them, how to use them, and how to treat your deck.

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The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Cards

guide to tarot cards

About Tarot Cards

Tarot is a pack of cards distinguished by elaborated illustrations. For centuries, they’ve been used as tools to see the future or for guidance. Their origins remain uncertain but according to my research, they date back to the 14th century and were originally from France and Italy. It’s also been theorized that back in the renaissance era, Tarot cards were used for gaming or gambling. The storytelling, as well as the meaning of the cards, were added later.

Each Tarot deck has 78 cards, made up of 22 Major Arcanas and 56 Minor Arcanas. The major arcana cards represent major life themes, phases, or shifts. They are more generalized. The minor arcana cards are more precise and detailed. I know that some beginners prefer to start with the major arcana because they are easier to analyze. So, you can definitely do that for a start. The minor arcana cards are actually divided into four families: Swords, Wands, Cups, and Pentacles (each representing a specific theme) and each family has 14 cards (ace, two, three…page, knight, queen, king). Most of the time, the minor cards complete and help understand in-depth the major cards.

Why Work With Tarot Cards

Witch or not, I believe everyone can benefit from tarot cards. They help develop intuition, examine underlying issues, and serve as guidance tools. I personally see tarot reading as a therapy session. A session to question myself, understand how I am feeling, and learn how to process some life events. Tarot reading might help you feel more grounded, expansive, connected, and intuitive. I see them as more than a divination medium.

How To Use Your Deck

Shuffle and ask

The first step to reading tarot cards is to shuffle. While shuffling, you can think about what you want to know and the question you’d like to ask. It doesn’t really matter how you shuffle the cards, but when you feel it’s right, stop mixing.

Draw your card and look at it

After shuffling, you can spread the cards on your working space and pick one or more cards. You do that, following your intuition. At that moment, I like to take my time, meditate, think about what I want to know. Then, I choose my card. The first thing you should do when picking a card is look at it. Try to analyze it and understand what it’s telling you. Following again your intuition.

Check with the experts and write it out

Next, you can open your Tarot reading book or your application and read what the experts have to say about this card. Afterward, you can write about what you learned from this Tarot session and how the card you picked helped in your situation.

Tarot spreads and uses

There are many ways you can initiate a tarot session. First, you can draw one card on a daily basis. This is actually great to channel your focus for the day, get to know your deck, and understand the meanings of each card. You can decide to do a tarot session at the end of the day, to reflect on your day or at the beginning, to know what to look out for.

A second way to draw tarot cards is the three-card spread. As you may notice from the examples below, the most popular way to use tarot cards is to pick three cards and ask three questions. Depending on your question, each card can represent anything; Past, present, future; You, relationship, partner; Mind, body, spirit; Strenght, weakness, advice.

A third popular way to read tarot cards is through the yearly spread. For this method, you draw 12 cards, each representing either a month of the year or an aspect of the year that you want to focus on, such as relationships, career, health, and so on.

Generally, you can do a tarot reading for any situation. For example, during any phase of the moon or any life situation. It all depends on what you want from this tarot session. For instance, on a new moon, you can ask the following questions:

  • What lessons have I learned in this past cycle?
  • What am i being invited to focus on this cycle?
  • How can i find alignment in this cycle?

To connect to Nature, you can ask those questions:

  • How can I connect to nature today?
  • What is the theme of this season for me?
  • How can i harness this current sesons’s energy?

If you feel anxious, you can ask:

  • What am i feeling right now?
  • What’s the reality of the situation?
  • What’s the best way to move forward today?

Yes and No Questions

Although it is not advisable to use a simple “yes or no” question, it’s totally possible. For instance, in the minor arcana, even numbers signify “yes” and odd numbers signify “no”. In general, you can assign what is yes and what is no to any card. It’s really up to you. Nevertheless, Tarot cards were made for more complicated readings. For yes and no questions, I would recommend a pendulum.

Handling your Deck

Cleansing and purifying

Upon receiving your first deck, you must always cleanse them. Getting rid of unwanted or negative energies will allow the deck to offer a more accurate answer to your questions and to connect with your spirit. There are several ways you can purify your deck. The easiest way is to actually hold your deck with your weakest hand (I am right-handed, so that’s my left hand) and with your strongest hand hit your tarot deck, envisioning all of the unwanted energy leaving the cards. Another way is to run your deck through smoke or place clear quartz on top of it.


As an object, you’re supposed to treat your tarot cards like the most precious thing you own. Hence, it is essential to know how to properly store them. After all, they are the tools you use to guide you, help you but also, to connect with. One way I love to do so is by displaying them on my altar, on a gorgeous jewelry tray. . Even when I travel, I never leave my tarot cards in my suitcase, I always carry them in my bag, close to my heart. Another way you can store them is in a velvet bag or protected charm bag (one that you’ve enchanted).


Another topic that is essential to this guide is connecting. Your tarot cards are supposed to be a magickal tool in which you confine yourself. It’s therefore essential for you to connect with your deck. To do that, you can carry them around, practice with them on a daily basis, or place them near when you’re asleep. Just do what feels right but the more connected you are with your deck, the better they will work.

Choosing the right deck

Choosing the right tarot cards is a question that comes back every time I mention my deck on Instagram. For a good reason. I learned that in order to start Tarot reading, you need to let your intuition choose which set of cards is right for you. A friend of mine also mentioned to me that they wanted to wait for someone they loved to offer them a deck of tarot cards. Which in my opinion is very thoughtful. Whatever it is, don’t choose a deck on a whim, let your heart choose it for you.

The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Cards

Cartomancy remains amongst the most popular of modern divination mediums. In this guide to tarot cards, I shared with you more about this divination tool and why I personally love it! I hope this post was helpful to you and wish you a wonderful weekend!  


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