Happy Wednesday! Today, I am sharing with you the best cleansers for different skin types! It’s important to choose a face wash that cleanses well but at the same time, that does not feel drying. Cleansing is an important part of a skincare regimen as it allows you to work on a clean canvas and avoid any skin issues like acne. So, this post presents a recap of all of my favorite picks!

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Best Cleanser For Your Skin Type

best cleanser for your skin type

Acne-prone skin

Effective but gentle, this salicylic acid cleanser targets specifically acne and textured skin. It removes excess oil, pore-clogging debris, and makeup without drying the skin or causing redness. It retails for 13$ and is available to purchase at

Oily skin

best cleanser

Powerful but gentle, this facial wash by Youth To The People effectively removes any impurities from your skin. It has a unique blend of Kale, Green Tea, Spinach, and vitamin C. It’s basically the green smoothie of skincare and I’d specifically recommend it for oily skin types because of how effective it is.

Combination skin

best cleanser

This cleanser by Paula’s Choice has a unique creamy consistency that turns into foam. It effectively removes any dirt and debris yet stays hydrating and gentle on the skin. It’s ideal for combination skin has it doesn’t have the same drying feeling as a regular foam cleanser. It’s available at for 19$.

Normal skin

best cleanser

This hydrating and nourishing cleanser is powered by matcha and hemp seed oil, which restores essential antioxidants and supports a healthy skin barrier. It’s very gentle yet effectively removes any dirt and makeup residue. I’d recommend it for all skin types but specifically normal skins as it will neither be too stripping nor too hydrating and gentle. It retails for 16$ and is available for purchase at

Dry skin

best cleanser

Although not the cleanser of the year, the ever calm gentle cleansing milk by REN Skincare is gentle enough for dry/sensitive skin, leaving the skin nourished and hydrated. It soothes redness and is not irritating. I personally used it after experiencing a bad allergic reaction to a product and it surprisingly calmed and healed my skin.

Best Cleanser For Your Skin Type

I hope that this post has helped you choose the right cleanser, given that it is an essential step in a skincare routine. Thank you so much for passing by. If you enjoyed reading this post, don’t forget to give it a ‘like’ and to subscribe to my blog! 


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