Happy Wednesday! Today, I am sharing with you how to rock the no-foundation look. Recently, I published 9 habits that boosted my self-esteem. Amongst those habits was the fact that I decided to stop concealing my acne and let my natural skin shine through. This habit actually helped me accept my skin as it is and love myself more. So, in today’s post, I want to share with you how you can create a beautiful makeup look without using foundation as your base.

Now, let’s get into it and don’t forget to check out my previous post: THE BEST MOISTURIZER FOR DRY SKIN

How To Rock The No-Foundation Look

how to rock the no foundation look
Photo by Valeriia Kogan on Unsplash

Skin tints are your best friend

The first tip to rock a makeup look without foundation is to opt for skin tints instead. Skin tints are light coverage foundation that feels extremely weightless on the skin and that does not offer coverage but rather evens out the skin tone. Skin tints just enhance your natural skin colour. They are extremely useful because they create a beautiful base for the next steps of the face makeup routine and just makes the skin look more healthy and even. Skin tints are particularly great to diminish any discolouration, which can look a little bit messy if you wear a bold lipstick or heavy eye makeup look.

Go minimal everywhere else too

The second step to rocking a no-foundation look is to opt for a minimal face makeup overall. So, lightly apply your concealer, bronzer and blush, just to balance things out. I find it extremely weird when beauty gurus wear no foundation, but a ton of concealer under their eyes and a heavy bronzer. Instead, I always go light on my face products. Otherwise, it just defeats the purpose of not wearing foundation. Plus, I find concealers to be as heavy and annoying as foundation.

Add blush!

The next step is to add more blush to your makeup. Maybe that contradicts my second point but depending on the blush shade, a blush has the capacity to add more life to your face, which I think no other product can give you. Blush also makes you look flushed and healthy!

Boost your inner glow

Another tip to rocking a no-foundation look is to boost your inner glow. While opting for a traditional powder highlighter is totally an option, I prefer illuminators or liquid highlighters for getting a “your-skin-but-better” look. Illuminator gives a subtle lit-from-within glow all over the face, rather than highlighting specific features. But again, liquid highlighters can totally work as they blend more beautifully and naturally on the skin than powder highlighters. 

Focus on the features you love

What I love about makeup is the fact that you can take any part of your face and make it look better. It’s here to enhance the little things in your face that you want to stand out. In my case, it’s my eyes. I love eye makeup and I love playing with colours. It makes my eyes stand out and pulls out the focus from my acne. Now, in order to nail a heavy eye makeup look with no foundation, I always go for a skin tint, a little bit of concealer to give my eyes a clean base and a lot of blush (that’s a preference). With this routine, you can still see my acne, but they look less prominent. It also gives my overall look a more effortless and french vibe, which i love!

Spot conceal

The last tip to rock the no-foundation look is to lightly conceal your pimples or dark circles. Like I stated above, going heavily with a full coverage concealer can make the overall makeup look messy and weird. Instead lightly concealing what you want to hide makes it perfect to rock your face makeup without a foundation.

How To Rock The No-Foundation Look

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