Good morning! Today, I am sharing with you 4 things that sound bad for you, but actually aren’t. The world is a strange and mysterious place sometimes. Often, you’ll come across something that sounds bad for you – like, really bad – but isn’t. 

Fiber is a good historical example. In the past, people thought that roughage was actually harmful to the digestive system so they should eat as little of it as possible. But today, we now know that it is actually good for us, even though it doesn’t provide any calories directly. 

So, in this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the things that sound bad for you, but are actually positives. 

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4 Things That Sound Bad For You, But Aren’t

Needling Your Skin

Creating thousands of tiny holes in your skin sounds like a recipe for disaster. But it turns out that “micro-needling” is one of the most powerful rejuvenation interventions available. The technique stimulates skin cells, encouraging them to express themselves more youthfully. You can use it to get rid of large pores, scars, blemishes, and even sun damage. With that said, make sure you seek a professional for such treatment and make your research before you indulge in this practice. 

Ice Baths

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Imagine plunging into an ice bath? It would be painful, right? 

Well, yes – it is painful. Ask anyone who has done it (also known as me)

However, it’s also really good for you, so long as you do it safely. It turns out that brief exposure to the cold improves our lymphatic systems and encourages cells to churn out protective factors. This process can, in turn, make us happier and healthier. 

If you’re not convinced, try going for a cold shower in the morning. The experience itself won’t be pleasant, but you’ll feel glowing afterwards. 

A Glass Of Wine

Many of the longest-lived cultures in the world drink a glass of wine in the evenings – sometimes more. So when you drink in the right way, it can have tremendous effects on your longevity. 

You need quality wine though. Look for a list of wineries and find out what processes they use. Find operators who abide by traditional principles to make their wines. 

Nut Butters

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Nut butters are high in calories. Just 100 grams of peanut butter gives you anywhere between 600 and 700 calories. So if you eat one small jar, you’re getting all the energy you need for the day!

But it turns out that nut butters, like nuts, aren’t bad for you at all. Yes, they have a lot of calories. But they are also deeply satisfying. You’ll find that after you eat nut butters, you don’t actually want all that much of anything else. They are a wonderful way to reduce your total calorie intake. 

What’s more, they contain many beneficial compounds. These improve your health and make you fitter. Some nuts, such as walnuts (which are also available in butter form) can actually make you happier. 

The lesson in this post is that not everything is as it seems. If you rely on your intuition alone, you can wind up making mistakes, especially when it comes to your wellness. Many times, the things that will support your long-term health are actually painful. The lesson is that pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing – so long as it is the right type of pain.

 4 Things That Sound Bad For You, But Aren’t

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