Happy Friday! Today, I am sharing with you how to connect to your feminine energy. Female energy refers to feminine traits that each and every one of us possesses. Whether you are male, female, or non-binary, we all balance a masculine and feminine side. Unfortunately, we live in a patriarchal society that embraces masculinity more than anything. Hence, in this post, I share with you why we should embrace our female side and how we can do so.

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How To Connect To Your Feminine Energy

how to connect to your female energy
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Embracing femininity

Regardless of our gender, we all possess a feminine and masculine side. These refer to the energy we radiate. Femininity is an embodiment of Mother Nature who is nurturing, protective, patient, and receptive. The quality of the feminine energy is intuition, deep feeling, creativity, interconnectedness, openness, self-worth, and wildness. The quality of masculine energy is action, productivity, competitivity, rationality, logic, structure, motivation, stability, and independence.

While we all should balance both of these energies, society tends to value masculine energy more. Our society thrives solely on productivity, working several jobs, finding work success, and being detached from our emotions and feelings. This way of living has been highly criticized by many artists and filmmakers. For instance, Hayao Miyazaki says that the essence of the movie “Spirited Away” is Chihiro’s journey to overcome this capitalistic and greedy society that bases their lives on working and that stirs away from spirituality. In the movie, Chihiro goes into this self-development and spiritual journey to save her parents from literally turning into pigs (a metaphor for greed) forever.

I also know that because I am a victim of this. I always thought that having those female qualities was weak and negative. That is until I started my self-healing journey. Being closer to my femininity helped me find peace and happiness. It helped me find a balance between my personal life and my work. As a matter of fact, in the book “magical self-care for everyday life”, the author compares the two to the Yin and the Yang. The Yin representing female energy while the Yang representing male energy. According to her, both work together, balancing each other out. And, one never goes without the other.

How to embrace your feminine energy

Develop your intuition

The first way for you to embrace your feminine side is to become more intuitive. Your intuition lives in your body, not your brain. It’s when your gut or heart directs your decisions. It’s a feeling, a knowing and it is calmer and quieter than the brain. There are several ways for you to become more intuitive. First of all, you can ask your intuition simple questions like “What should I eat for dinner” or “should I wear the black or the white dress”. Then, you can practice intuition with Tarot or intention cards. These divination exercises rely highly on your gut feeling so they are pretty helpful. Meditation is another amazing mindful exercise to develop your intuition because it helps you calm your mind and listen to what your body says.

Feel your feelings

The second way to connect to your feminine energy is to feel your feelings. When an emotion arises, whether it’s a good or a bad one, allow yourself to feel it. Don’t try to rationalize your emotion. Just feel and acknowledge your anger, your sadness, your anxious thoughts, or your happiness. This method is very helpful to overcome your emotions and be in tune with yourself. One way I like to deal with my emotions is journaling. This is how I become aware of what I am feeling. In that situation, I also try to be as detailed as possible. I don’t just write “I am sad”. I try to be as descriptive and precise as possible.

Rest and recharge

The next tip is definitely something I had to learn the hard way. If you didn’t know, I suffer from anxiety and my anxiety does not allow me to rest. It forces me to be productive and to work all the time. Instead of learning to rest, I continued to overwork and tire myself to a point where I forgot about my anxiety. But this also resulted in me being physically tired, irritated all the time, and unhappy. In general, resting restores us in many ways and is just as important as the action phase of our day. It allows us to heal and regenerate more efficiently, enables our brain to function better, keeps our mood more stable, and recharges our body. There are many ways you can rest and recharge, you can either read, take a walk, do breathing exercises, work out, journal, or meditate. At that moment, I also like to keep my free time away from my phone because being on social media is very draining overall.

Reflect on yourself

Another way to connect to your feminine energy is to reflect on yourself. Femininity embraces change, improvement, and being closer to your inner self. By reflecting on who you are, through journaling, for example, you explore and examine your inner being and allow yourself to grow.

Indulge into your creative side

Your female energy craves creativity and there are so many ways you can tap into this creative side of yours. Such as dancing, painting, or pottery. Any form of expression and art can help you become more creative as a person and can stimulate your mind. Personally, I love to take a break from work to paint or write. It’s this little moment that I dedicate to myself and that motivates me during the day.

Honour your body

The sixth way to embrace your femininity is to honor your body internally and externally. Move your body, nourish it with water and good food, nurture it, take care of it, listen to it, and most importantly, as a person who bleeds, honor your natural cycle. Your body does so much to keep you healthy and alive, it’s hence crucial for you to see it as a temple that you honor and embrace. This way of thinking also helps to love oneself more and accept one’s body for how it is!

Try cycle syncing

This last tip to connect to your female energy is more for the people who bleed every month but you can definitely apply it by following the phases of the moon if you don’t (see photo below). Cycle syncing is the idea of working, moving, and eating to support your natural menstrual cycle. This method allows you to be more in tune with your body, balance your hormones, have less painful cramps, and have a more scheduled time of the month. I personally love following that cycle because of all of these benefits, but also because I want to have a more positive view of my menstrual cycle. In my entourage, everyone always saw the menstrual cycle as something negative and painful. But I want to change my own perspective and see it as a wonderful time to celebrate my womanhood.

Retrieved from book “magical self-care for everyday life”

How To Connect To Your Feminine energy

To conclude, connecting to your feminine energy, whether you are a man, a woman, both or non, is crucial and can help you have a healthier relationship with yourself and those around you. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you did, don’t forget to give this post a ‘like’ and to subscribe to my e-mail list!


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    Very good and interesting article! Bravo!

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    This was so interesting, I thought my energy was pretty feminine but I could definitely improve it

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      Thank you 😍

  3. Julia | Apostrophe S
    July 27, 2021 / 1:13 pm

    Beautifully done post! Getting creative is one of my favorite ways to connect to my divine femininity. Just doing things with my hands in general always makes me feel like I’m activating a side of myself that’s very different from the solar energy of mainstream “productivity”. This summer has been big for finding that balance between yin and yang for me.

    • Joy🌻
      July 31, 2021 / 10:50 am

      Thank you so much 😍 This is wonderful, this is has been my focus lately too and i’ve been feeling so much happier and better overall

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