REVIEW // Wowder by Glossier

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today, I am sharing with you my honest Glossier Wowder review. I’ve been actually using this powder for over 6 months now and I can tell you that it is a good one!

Now, if you want to know my honest and detailed review on this powder by Glossier, then keep on reading. Don’t forget to check out my previous post: REVIEW // ShineOn Lip Jelly by Tower 28 Beauty

Glossier Wowder Review

Product Information

This powder retails for 27$ and contains 7.2g of product. It is available in 5 shades. I have the shade G11-G12 which is a very light shade.

According to Glossier, this powder is a “finishing powder that cuts shine, blurs the appearance of pores, and sets makeup”. It controls dewiness and it “won’t leave a chalky film, cake into fine lines, flatten skin’s texture, or show up in flash photo”.

This product is cruelty-free and vegan. It is available at

Packaging 4/5

This product comes in an extremely cute hard-plastic packaging that is very simple. It only has the “G” logo on the top in white and is fully baby pink. Again, it’s simple but extremely cute and follows Glossier’s dreamy aesthetic with the pale pink color. I also love the net that separates the powder because it actually makes it easier and cleaner to dispense the product. Moreover, it is actually travel-friendly, the powder does not go all over the place and the packaging is quite sturdy!

Formula 4/5

Concerning the formula, as it claims, it’s a powder that blurs imperfections and sets the makeup. It’s a very normal powder, it performs well but it has nothing extraordinary. It works perfectly on my skin and on different concealers, which I love!

It sets my concealer very well and blurs imperfections but does not mattify my skin, it claims to do that but it doesn’t, in my experience. Moreover, it does not make my skin look too powdery which I love! I love having a glowy skin. I’ve never tried to bake with it because I don’t like baking but just lightly applying it on your face is perfect!

Concerning the shades, I think the selection is fine considering it’s a loose powder and does not offer any coverage. I also love the shade I chose, it works well on my skin tone and could work for lighter skin tones as well. For darker skin tones, the brand offers two shades which I think is correct, again, considering it’s a loose powder with no coverage.

Conclusion – Glossier Wowder review 8/10

To conclude, I really like this powder, it performs really well on my skin and most importantly, does not make my base look powdery. It manages to keep my skin glowy and to set my makeup at the same time! I also love that it works on different concealers. This is definitely not the best powder in the market but I am very satisfied with it and will keep using it.

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