Hello my lovely pumpkins! Today, I am sharing with you 15 stylish winter outfits. So basically, I am sharing with you winter outfit ideas to help you look stylish in any circumstances and any situations. I have not published a fashion post in a really long time so I am really excited for this. On a side note, I style all of these outfits (except for the outfits with the beige coat) with a black puffer jacket that goes below my knee. That’s basically the jacket that I wear at all cost in the Canadian winter so I don’t include it in the outfits because it’s not a fashion piece, it’s a necessity.

Keep on reading to see the 15 very stylish winter outfits and don’t forget to check out my previous post: REVIEW // Superberry Hydrate + Glow oil by Youth To The People.

15 stylish winter outfits

Day 1 – the casual witch outfit

15 stylish winter outfits.jpg

Terracotta body // Stradivarius

Black jeans // H&M

Choker // H&M (maybe somewhere else, I don’t remember)

Boots // Dr Martens

Black Hat // H&M

This first outfit is a very casual and easy outfit that has this edgy vibe which I absolutely love. This outfit was so easy to put together. The choker and hat definitely makes this outfit more edgy and gothic, otherwise, the overall outfit would look very boring I think. On top of that, the choice of a black/grey jeans instead of a regular blue jeans makes this outfit more edgy and stylish.

Day 2 – the trendy neutrals outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 2.jpg

Black turtleneck // H&M

Beige Pants + belt // H&M

Boots // Dr. Martens

Hat // Aldo

For the second outfit, I wanted to keep it pretty simple and keep the main focus on my pants, which are the star pieces in this outfit. These are the most comfortable yet stylish pants I own. I love how they look and I love they literally go with anything. I think these pants, along with the hat, makes the outfit look more put together. Moreover, without the hat, the outfit would look a bit boring and less trendy.

Day 3 – the instant classic outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 3.jpg

Graphic t-shirt // Stradivarius

Blazer // H&M

Beige Pants + belt // H&M

Boots // Dr. Martens

Pearl hair clips // Garage

This outfit is another way you could style these beige pants from H&M. This outfit is more complicated and more stylish then the first. The outfit looks very formal however the graphic t-shirt makes the outfit look more fun and the hair clips on each side of my hair make the outfit look more ethereal which I love and of course, trendy since this what has been really popular since last summer.

Day 4 – the casually dressed outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 4.jpg

Oversized Shirt // H&M

*Black high rise skinny Jeans // Mott and Bow

Boots // Dr. Martens

Scrunchi with scarf // H&M

Gold hoops // H&M

The fourth outfit is pretty simple and highlights my star piece which is this black and white oversized shirt from H&M. I love this outfit because it’s very effortless, stylish and comfortable. The skinny jeans are a basic piece that can go with literally anything (see next outfits) and they are extremely comfortable. They were actually gifted to me so thank you Mott and Bow for offering them to me.

Day 5 – the airport outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 5.jpg

Grey Hoodie // H&M

*Black High rise skinny Jeans // Mott and bow

Beige coat // H&M

Shoes // Fila

Brown scrunchie with scarf // H&M

Gold hoops // H&M

This fifth outfit is what I call my airport outfit. It’s an extremely comfortable outfit to wear on a plane and to travel with in general. The jeans are pretty stretch so they are comfortable to sleep with and who doesn’t like to travel with hoodies on, they are everything. Moreover, the brown scrunchie gives this outfit a really cute and romantic touch which I love. I actually love to tie my hair on the plane and this scrunchie makes my hair look less boring when they are tied.

Day 6 – the trendy outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 6.jpg

Graphic t-shirt // Mad Jade

*Black High rise Skinny Jeans // Mott and Bow

Blazer // H&M

Snake print ankle boots // Aldo

Black bag // Aldo

The last outfit featuring my gorgeous black skinny jeans is way more trendy and stylish then the two previous ones.. This outfit contains several trendy pieces which I love cause sometimes, I love looking  like I came straight out of fashion magazine. Also, despite looking very stylish, this outfit is still very comfortable and casual.

Day 7 – the trendy outfit pt 2

15 stylish winter outfits 7.jpg

Graphic t-shirt // Mad Jade

Pleated skirt // H&M

Black Hat // H&M

Leather coat // vintage

Snake Print Ankle Boots // Aldo

Purse // Michael Kors

I will admit that this outfit looks better for a spring look book but I really loved the skirt and wanted to feature it in this post. Also, you can wear this in winter depending on where you live, like if you live in Lebanon or any other Mediterranean country, this outfit would totally work. This is probably my favourite outfit in this post, it’s very trendy and cute. The flowy skirt makes this outfit more fun and different and the ankle boots make this outfit look less boring. I definitely think I style the skirt very nicely and I can’t wait create more looks with it.

Day 8 – the “out for coffee” outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 8.jpg

Beige sweater // H&M

Mom Jeans // H&M

Beige Coat // H&M

Colourful earrings // H&M

Brown scrunchie with scarf // H&M

Shoes // Fila

This eighth outfit is very comfy and sporty yet still looks pretty stylish at the same time. Everything looks pretty basic  but the sweater itself has rolled up puffy sleeve and has this very ethereal style which I love. I also think the scrunchie and earrings are a beautiful touch to the outfit. The earrings have this marble style which goes well with the whole ethereal vibe and the scrunchie gives a very girly and romantic touch to the outfit.

Day 9 – the lazy outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 9.jpg

Beige sweater // H&M

Mom Jeans // H&M

Black Cardigan // Bershka

Black shoulder bag // H&M

Shoes // Fila

Overall, this outfit looks very cozy and easy. This is actually what I wore when I went to the movies, it’s kind of my go-to outfit and usually, when I am in a hurry, I always put my hair back with a hair clip. I actually really like this look because of how effortless and cozy it looks. The only trendy piece I have is this really pretty shoulder bag which I think goes so well with the overall look.

Day 10 – the Parisian outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 10.jpg

Black silk dress // Urban Outfitters

Belt // H&M

Blazer // H&M

Brown scrunchie with scarf // H&M

Flap Bag // Jw Pei

Boots // Dr. Martens

This outfit is another favourite of mine because of how Parisian it looks. I think this outfit is timeless and would still look super stylish in 10 years. I love how simple it is, I mean there’s nothing more simple then a black dress but the belt and the blazer adds more texture and style to it. Moreover, the brown scrunchie with scarf makes tying one’s hair up less boring and add a very cute detail to the outfit.

Day 11 – the Parisian outfit pt 2

15 stylish winter outfits 12.jpg

Grey turtleneck // Forever 21

Faux Leather skirt // H&M

Beret // H&M

Flap Bag // Jw Pei

Gold hoops // H&M

Boots // Dr. Martens

This next outfit emits the same Parisian vibe as the previous one and I love how trendy yet timeless it looks. The beret obviously makes this outfit more French but I also love combining grey and black together, to after add colourful accessories. I don’t really love colours and always go for neutrals but I love how the brown/burgundy bag and the mustard beret look with outfit. It’s colourful, but not too out there.

Day 12 – The hopelessly romantic outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 11.jpg

Leopard print shirt // H&M

Faux Leather skirt // H&M

Pearl hard clips // Garage

Shoulder bag // H&M

Gold hoops // H&M

Boots // Dr. Martens

For this twelfth outfit, my star piece is the shirt and I’ve decided to style it with a regular faux leather skirt to add even more texture to my outfit, instead of styling it with regular black jeans skirt, which would have made this outfit pretty boring. To complete the outfit, I really wanted to add a trendy accessory, so I decided to go for the pearl hair clips on each side of my hair to add a romantic touch to an otherwise very edgy outfit.

Day 13 – the “tights make the outfit” outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 15.jpg

Beige sweater dress // H&M

Tights // H&M

Tote Bag // The New Yorker

Hat // H&M

Shoes // Dr. Martens

For the thirteenth outfit, I really wanted to style these very elaborate tights that I got from H&M and i thought what better way to style them then with a VERY simple sweater dress. I think this outfit would still look amazing with regular tights, it would look more casual and comfy which I love. But, these flowery tights add a very fun twist to the look.

Day 14 – your funeral outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 14.jpg

Black turtleneck // H&M

Black jumpsuit // H&M Belt // H&M

Black Hair band // H&M

Pendant earrings // H&M

Pouch // Armani

Shoes // Dr. Martens

This is one of my favourites all black outfits ever. It’s so chic and neat that I actually would wear this everyday. I, of course, added gold earrings to match the gold details on the belt and pouch but I also added a black hair band just to make the outfit look more complete and to add a girly detail to the outfit that otherwise looks very classic.

Day 15 – the sunflower outfit

15 stylish winter outfits 13.jpg

Black turtleneck // H&M

Oversized shirt // H&M

Matching skirt // H&M

Hat // H&M

Over-the-knee socks // H&M (I think)

Shoes // Dr.Martens

Side note : H&M should sponsor this 15 stylish winter outfits post, I mean seriously, 90% of my wardrobe is from H&M. 

This last outfit is literally one of the most stylish outfits in this post and was the easiest to put together. It definitely screams “Chanel” and makes me want to run in a sunflower field to take photos. This whole outfit is trendy because of the matching skirt and oversized shirt but I loved styling this combination with a hat and over-the-knee socks. It makes me look like a very rich witch 😄.

That’s it! – 15 stylish winter outfits

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  1. February 27, 2020 / 8:13 pm

    I don’t even how you don’t freeze ahahh you look amazing though the leather skirt ones are my favourites

    • Joy🌻
      February 29, 2020 / 10:40 am

      hahahah to be fair, most of the places are in doors and we have tunnels that allow us to walk anywhere (mostly in downtown). But, if I have to go out, I only stay outside for 10-15 minutes, never more. And, thank you so much ❤️

  2. March 3, 2020 / 12:12 pm

    I’m not stylish nor trendy in fact, I think my style is completely the opposite of yours lol. However, I like outfits 5 and 9 as they are closer to what I would really wear myself.
    Great outfits though!

    • Joy🌻
      March 3, 2020 / 5:21 pm

      hahah thank you!! I don’t always look that stylish, I do have my days when I just wear my jeans, band t-shirt with no bra and sneakers 😛