Happy Wednesday! today, I am sharing with you 18 aesthetic accounts to follow on Instagram. These are the accounts I love seeing when I scroll through my home page. They really inspire me to create quality content and make me feel good in general. There are many other accounts I love from bloggers and content creators I know, but I don’t think I could mention all of them. The list would be endless.

Anyways, if you want to know what are the 18 aesthetic accounts to follow on Instagram then keep on reading! And, don’t forget to check out my previous post: REVIEW // Divine Duo Lip & Cheek by Lilah B.

18 aesthetic accounts to follow on Instagram

Tiffany Lai aka @lai_tiffany

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On the top of my list is Tiffany. She is actually from Montreal which is one of main the reasons why I started following her. Thanks to her, I  get to see all of the cool places in the city to take gorgeous photos.  To be honest with you, she is also one of the best content creators out there. I absolutely love the photos she publishes and she has the prettiest neutral style!

The Style Editorials aka @thestyleeditorials

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The next content creator on my list is The Style Editorials. I am pretty sure the photo above explains why she is one of my favorite accounts out there. I mean look at this gorgeous romantic and vintage feed, I could just stare at it for hours.

Audrey Rivet aka @audreyrivet

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Audrey rivet is another influencer who lives in Montreal. She gives me amazing photo ideas to take in the city and oh my god, look how gorgeous she is. Her photos are always gorgeous and her outfits are always on point! She also gives off so many positive and fun vibes. Her content is extremely entertaining and relatable. She also seems to be really down to earth.

Tiffany Wang aka @tiffwang_

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Tiffany Wang is another influencer I get highly inspired by. She always has a gorgeous outfit on and I just love her photos. The composition and locations she chooses are always amazing and on brand! Plus, her mirror selfies are seriously the best!

Nikkie Makeup aka @nikki_makeup

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The fifth aesthetic account on my list is Nikki Makeup. Nikki is literally my major inspiration for my makeup looks. Her looks are always so simple, yet editorial and creative. I love the tutorials she publishes on her stories. They are so soothing to watch and are very educative. To be honest, I don’t know if her account can be considered as “aesthetic” but her makeup looks sure are!

Arielle Tan aka @withallmyaffection

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The next content creator is Arielle. She is yet another influencer who has this warm and neutral aesthetic that I absolutely adore. She gives me such great photo ideas and I absolutely love her style! Also, she makes me want to go live in Montpellier.

Jodie La Petite French aka @jodielapetitefrenchie

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The 7th influencer on my list is Jodie La Petite Frenchie. I only recently started following her but I used to have her photos saved on my instagram cause she gives me major outfit inspirations. I really love her stylish, romantic and Parisian outfits. And, she takes gorgeous photos!

Kelsey Simone aka @k.els.e.y


Kelsey Simone is an influencer whom I mentioned in my post “top 10 favorite youtubers” and I actually was hesitating to add her just because I didn’t want to add the same people on this list but to be honest, her feed is as gorgeous as her YouTube channel. I really love her luxurious style, she has amazing photos and I highly get inspired by her outfits! She is also very cute and spiritual! I love that!

Angie Gomez aka @cadidlyangie


Angie is a nano-influencer I started following a couple of months ago and 90% of her photos are saved on my Instagram. This just shows you how much I get inspired by her content. She literally has the prettiest minimal feed on Instagram and she publishes gorgeous flatlays! Also, her cat is too cute.

The Good Elements aka @the_good_elements

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Amongst all of the nano-influencers I follow, The Good Elements is one of my favorites. Her feed is so dreamy and luxurious. Her photos are really creative and inspire me a lot to push my boundaries when taking flatlays!

Bettina aka @midnightbeeglow

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Bettina is another amazing influencer I follow. Her feed is extremely aesthetic and I love her lifestyle photos. Like I don’t know if she has magic or anything but any photo she takes looks aesthetic. This is talent.

Cheyenne aka @nakiacheyenne


The 12th account on my list of aesthetic accounts is Cheyenne. Her brown feed is everything and she seriously takes the best product photos. She is another major inspiration for my flat lays! Plus, I love the reviews she published. They are very helpful and informative!

Selly T aka @sellyttn

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The thirteenth content creator on my list is Selly. She has the most beautiful summery and most gorgeous peachy feed I’ve ever seen. Her feed gives me life and highly inspires me when I take flat lays. She also takes gorgeous top-shelf photos!

Tycia aka @tyciadchannel

The next aesthetic account is the one by Tycia. She is actually a photographer and content creator living in France. She only speaks french so I am sorry to those who do not speak the language. I mainly follow her account for her vibrant and loving personality which shines through her feed. But I also follow her for her high quality and creative content.

Susan aka @itsyuyann

Another one of my favorite content creators is Yuyan. She is a Chinese fashion and lifestyle influencer living in the US. I absolutely love her feed as it radiates so much positivity and happiness. But her casual style is what made me stick to her account. I love how she dresses and most of my outfits are inspired by her style!

Lydia aka @femmeblk

Lydia is another fashion influencer I love. Not only is her feed extremely beautiful, but her style is so elegant and gracious I actually want to cry. Plus, she radiates such calming and positive energy. I love having her on my home feed.

Amar aka @amarsibai

Next on my list of aesthetic accounts is Amar. She’s actually a Lebanese content creator that I absolutely love. She publishes the best videos, has a very unique fashion style, and has the most editorial feed I’ve ever seen. Her content is bomb and I love that she speaks up about social issues. Even though she is from the middle-east, she publishes content in both Arabic and English. So, you can definitely follow her even if you don’t speak Arabic.

Allison aka @allisonjwhalen

The last account I want to mention is the one by Allison. As you can see from the photo above, she’s mainly a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a very moody and authentic vibe. She also has a very casual style which I love because I want outfit inspirations to wear on a daily basis, not to fashion week. I absolutely love the content she publishes. She’s a big inspiration for my photos, poses, and photo locations! Also, her feed is too pretty!

18 aesthetic accounts to follow on Instagram

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you did, don’t forget to give it a ‘like’ and to follow my blog.


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    • Joy🌻
      February 22, 2020 / 10:39 am

      Thank you for passing by xx

  1. February 22, 2020 / 11:44 am

    They all look so good, I’m going through a major revamp of my account and I want to follow more people that inspire me so I’ll have to check some of them, I really like Arielle Tan and Kelsey Simone

    • Joy🌻
      February 29, 2020 / 10:54 am

      Definitely do!! It seems like they put so much effort into their content!! I love Arielle Tan, her account is truly amazing!!