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Hello my lovely pumpkins and welcome back to my blog! Today, I am sharing with you my Lilah B lip and cheek review. I actually mentioned several times on my Instagram that I really love this product and that I use it on a daily basis (with my tinted moisturizer and highlighter) but of course, I still wanted to share a complete and detailed review on it. This product was kindly gifted to me by the brand but all opinions are my own.

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Lilah b lip and cheek review

Product Information

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This product retails for 46$ and comes with 2.2g/0.08oz of product. It’s “a multipurpose, long-wearing, creamy lip and cheek duo with a luxurious matte finish”. It comes in 4 shades with a matte finish (9 shades on Lilah b’s website) and 1 shade with a shimmery finish. I have the shade b. fearless which is a true red shade.

According to the brand, this product has a buildable formula which applies effortlessly on the lips, cheeks and eye lids with finger tips, and it is described as highly creamy, long-wearing and moisturizing.

The key ingredients are Aloe (which delivers a healthy-looking and hydrating finish), Coconut oil (which leaves the skin supple and moisturized) and Agar (which leaves the skin hydrated and glowy).

Moreover, the brand is clean at Sephora, is cruelty-free, vegan and free of synthetic fragrances and gluten. The product is available at Sephora and Lilah b’s website.

Packaging 4/5

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This blush comes in the most luxurious and beautiful white packaging. It’s pretty simple and has a plain colour yet it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the shape of the blush, it kind of looks like a shell and I love how heavy it feels. On top of that, I love how tiny and practical it is, you can really carry it with you anywhere and the fact that it’s multipurpose makes it even more practical and travel-friendly (you have three products in one).

The only thing I dislike about the packaging is the fact that if your hands are sweaty or just slippery, it can be annoying to open it. Moreover, the packaging is white so you gotta be careful not to stain it.

Formula 5/5

This blush performs as amazingly as the brand claims. It is very creamy, pigmented and blends beautifully on top of foundation and powder. It offers a beautiful natural finish and does not emphasize dry patches or dry areas, which I appreciate cause in the winter, my skin tends to get dry. Since it’s highly pigmented, I would advice you to go really lightly and to just start with a small amount of product. Like it claims, this product is highly long-lasting on the cheeks and eyelids. It leaves a beautiful stain on the lips but disappears after a couple of hours, which I think is normal because it’s a stain not a matte liquid lipstick.

I actually use this product when I want to achieve a very quick and easy monochrome look on a daily basis.


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photo retrieved from the Sephora website 

Conclusion – lilah b lip and cheek review 9/10

To conclude, I absolutely love this product, I love how you can use in different ways, how easy and effortless it is to use. It’s definitely the kind of product I’ll keep using it on a daily basis. I also love the luxurious vibe that Lilah B emits and the philosophy behind the brand. It’s definitely the kind of brand I want to be supporting!

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  1. February 18, 2020 / 10:49 am

    Uhhh it’s so beautiful, I want to try it too, I’m going to try and find it

    • Joy🌻
      February 20, 2020 / 10:06 am

      it is gorgeous and I love how versatile it is!

  2. February 22, 2020 / 3:30 pm

    That packing is so luxe, I definitely need to say that this brand has the most beautiful packing. Shade of blush is also super pretty and I’m sure you’ll use it so much. Lovely review. xx

    • Joy🌻
      February 22, 2020 / 10:38 pm

      Thank you so much xx yes the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, I love it!! and it always looks so photogenic