Hello my pumpkins! Have you ever tried wearing something that felt or looked off? Maybe it was the style or the fit, but it could also be the colours of what you are wearing. Unknown to many, there are certain colours that should be avoided depending on your skin complexion and skin tone if you want to stay on top of your fashion game.

First of all, what is your skin complexion? Your complexion refers to the shade of your skin. It can be light, medium, or dark. Your skin tone, which is also referred to as your skin’s undertone, is consistent even if the shades of your skin changes with the seasons. You can have a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone. Your skin complexion and skin tone can help you choose what colours are flattering for your hair, makeup, and the clothes you wear.


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If you are blessed with dark skin, here are the dress shades that will look perfect for various tones of your complexion! Also, don’t forget to check out my previous post: MYTHICAL WITCH MAKEUP LOOK

Note that you can honestly wear any color you feel like wearing, these are just tips and advices that I think are super useful if you are not sure which color suits you! 



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Just about anyone can wear white but individuals with deeper skin tones can experiment with variations of the colour and look good in it. You can choose from the wide array of shades for the neutral colour, from the stark cardboard and snow white shades to off-whites, whitish, beiges, and creams. Plus, if you are a dark-skinned goddess, you don’t have to fear opting for monotonous white ensembles and looking boring. You can go for white on white and still come out fashionable.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones can make anyone look radiant. No matter the shade, jewel tones are able to emphasize the rich tone of dark skin. Garnet and ruby shades look lovely on dark skin because the deep reds eliminate the ashy skin effect. Cobalt blue and emerald green clothing are also top hits for dark skin. These rich hues have a very calming effect on the eyes but still retain their luxurious appeal. Opt for an embellished prom dress in jewel tones for a sure winner.



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Gold, bronze, and copper are great metallic hues if you have dark skin. Specifically, gold flatters dark-skinned beauties and make them appear like royalty. Wearing fine gold jewellery can significantly update any simple outfit.

Reds and Oranges

Bright and rich colours are best for dark-skinned beauties as it warms their complexion and flatters their varying skin tones.

Red may be quite a bold choice for some but the gorgeous colour will make any dark-skinned individual a beauty to behold. Check out cute red prom dresses at Peaches Boutique that you might want to wear. If you find wearing a red dress too loud for your personality, you can opt for interesting accessories instead, such as peep toe heels in fiery red, to add a dash of sass to your outfit.

Orange is also a colour choice that is sure to draw attention. Pick an orange top or a dress with details in these popping bright hues.



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Anything on the pink spectrum looks great on people with dark complexion because they provide a feminine and dreamy contrast to the skin’s deep tones. Dresses in pastel pink, ballerina pink, poppy pink, and other blush tones are just a few of your options.


As with pink, any shade of purple is a great choice if you have dark skin. The romantic colour, which is also usually associated with royalty, has an interesting range of shades for you to choose from. People with deep skin tones will find wearing a piece in the purple spectrum, from lavenders to violets, can be a fun go-to look.

Moreover, according to Elle, purple is actually a trendy color this season which is awesome because the color will not only complement your skin tone but you’ll also look very fashionable.

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      November 4, 2019 / 11:18 am

      Thank you!!!

  1. November 8, 2019 / 11:22 am

    Great post! I always wished to have a darker skin complexion, particularly because I would love to wear dresses with these colours! My skin is very pale so I feel like white isn’t definitely for me (though I like wearing it) Also, I’d love to wear metallic colours 😭