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Hello my pumpkins!

So I was tagged for this Q&A by Sara, thank you so much Sara for tagging me, I am so excited to answer the questions and let my followers know more about me!

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What are you currently wearing?

My pjs and night robe!


Have you ever been in love?

Yes, I have a boyfriend and we’ve been in a relationship for 6 years and so.

 Did you ever had a terrible breakup?


How old are you?


How tall are you?

1.72 but I look taller

How much do you weigh?

51kg maybe more I don’t know.

Do you have any piercings?

Yes on my ears, several!

Do you have any tattoos?

Yes! five!

What’s your favorite drink?

Iced Tea Peach

What’s your favorite song?

Any Green Day or Disney songs, honestly!

What’s your Zodiac sign?


How long does it take you to shower?

Usually, 10 minutes

What’s favorite show?

Vikings and Game Of Thrones [not they are not the same, stop comparing Vikings with Game Of thrones, they are so different form each other and don’t argue]

What’s your favorite band?

Green Day

Something you really miss?

Mmmm I can’t think of anything

Where do you go when you’re sad?

My  car [and I start driving]

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

1h30 :p

Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Nop, not that I remember.

What turns you on?

A man who is well-dressed and cultivated [not kidding, I love men who are super knowledgeable]

What turns you off?

If you speak/act in a disrespectful manner + if you are ignorant!

Quality you look for in a partner?

Again, knowledgable and tolerant [basically, my boyfriend :p]

What’s your favorite color?

Any dark colors

Loud music or soft?


Favorite Quote?

Currently? “I like my eyelashes as black as my heart and as long as the list of people I want to punch in the face” by Jac Vanek


Favorite actor?

I have a LOT!

Do you have any fears? What they are?

I guess fear of abandonment and loneliness because that’s how I always used to feel as a kid so now I am afraid I will go back into it.

What’s the last thing that made you cry?

It’s stupid but I cried two days ago cause I am afraid I won’t get accepted to the universities I applied to.

Meaning behind your Blog Name?

Mademoiselle O’Lantern comes from ‘Jack O’Lantern’ aka Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas. He is a halloween mythical character.

Last time you said you loved someone?

Last night to my boyfriend

Last book you read?

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

The book you’re currently reading?

None, still searching for a good book!

Last show you watched?

Friends, I watched two episodes yesterday

Last place you were?

Living room :p

Last sport you played?

Ping Pong, a few months ago!

Who’s the last person you talked to?

My dad, on the phone!

Last song you sang?

You Are My Sunshine by Jasmine Thompson

Favorite chat up line?

Mmmmm, I don’t have one.

Do you have a crush?


The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

My boyfriend!

Favorite food?

Any food, honestly :p
Place you want to visit?

There are a lot but I would love to visit Scotland!

 What’s the last time you kissed someone?

Yesterday, my pillow.

No I’m kidding, the 6th of January, before my boyfriend left.

Last time you were insulted?

Can’t remember

Favorite flavor of sweet?

Vanilla and Caramel

What instruments do you play??

Guitar and piano

Favorite piece of jewelry?


Last time you hung out with anyone?

Last week with my best friend, Lorenzo!

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  1. January 18, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Loved learning more about you! I also love GoT

  2. January 18, 2018 / 10:17 am

    I’m also in my pj’s and robe right now, can’t give up comfort girl haha. Love reading more about you, so glad you did this tag. xx

    • January 18, 2018 / 5:08 pm

      Hahahah thank you 😍 pjs are always so comfortable!

  3. January 18, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    Loved reading this! First thing I change into after work is my pj’s and robe hehe ♥️ also loved learning the meaning behind your blog name. The kids I nanny are obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas so I’ve been watching it a lot lately and know exactly what you are talking about! 😘

    • January 18, 2018 / 5:07 pm

      Hahahahah that’s amazing!! Thanks for reading!

  4. January 18, 2018 / 1:12 pm

    Yayy, such a fun tag! Loved reading your answers, excited to it myself! ☺️💕

  5. January 18, 2018 / 1:34 pm

    Lovely tag love Mz Joy!!

  6. January 18, 2018 / 2:56 pm

    This was so fun to read! I loved that the last sport you played was ping pong-sounds like me. Does beer pong count? lol!

  7. January 18, 2018 / 6:14 pm

    It’s great to know you! And it’s amazing to know you like GoT too! xx

  8. January 18, 2018 / 9:04 pm

    I can totally agree with that ignorance and a lack of respect are always unfortunate traits. Also, we are the exact same height :’) Loved reading through this, it’s such an interesting tag! Xx

  9. January 18, 2018 / 9:38 pm

    Ahahah that quote ahah

  10. January 18, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    Great answers 🙂 Loved them <3

  11. Makeup by Erin
    January 19, 2018 / 3:42 am

    I love Green Day!! Thank you for tagging me this looks like a bunch of fun! 😬

  12. January 19, 2018 / 2:02 pm

    I love Vikings too 😍 currently re-watching it as I got seasons 1-4 for Christmas 😁 xo

  13. January 21, 2018 / 11:04 am

    Always great to find out more about you. Real energy and honesty in your answers.