Benefit Cosmetics – Boiing Industrial-Strength Concealer Review

Hello my dear pumpkins,

Today I am reviewing Benefit’s new full-coverage concealer. I know that this concealer went viral for a while [from what I’ve seen] so I decided to purchase it but honestly I am not pleased to have paid 27$.

First of all the packaging:

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I honestly love the box, I love the shape of it and I love the colors. The concealer also comes with instruction papers which I didn’t read, lol. I just don’t think it’s necessary.

Anyways, the concealer itself has a great packaging too: I love how the jar looks, I love the colors, I love the font of the writings, I also love the fact that it’s small and that it’s in jar because it’s more effective for traveling and it’s cleaner.

In general, the packaging is on point [like any Benefit products]

The problem lies in the formula:

It’s not that the formula is horrible but honestly, for 27$, I am expecting a lot.

It’s a good concealer, that is long-lasting but in contrast to what it claims, it doesn’t have a full coverage, it has more of a medium coverage. On top of that, it creases like hell [unless you moisturize well your under eyes with an oil].

I will use this concealer again and I am happy that it’s not horrible but honestly, there are better concealers for a better price [like the Age rewind concealer by Maybelline]

Here are two selfies to show you how well this concealer works [those photos were taken when I just woke up so excuse my sleepy face], right side has the concealer, left side doesn’t [I have shade 2].

Let me just tell you that the concealer does look good in photos, but my dark circles were not fully covered. If your dark circles are worse than mine then this concealer is probably not for you.


To conclude, I don’t think this concealer is worth 27$ [this is what I paid but it actually retails for 33$ in Lebanon] and I don’t advice you to try it out. Now that I have it, I’ll be using it again but it’s definitely not my favorite concealer and I definitely won’t be purchasing it again.

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