Summer Morning Routine

Hello my lovely pumpkins,

Today I am sharing with you my everyday summer morning routine and I will of course include my skin care routine if you are interested to know how I take care of my skin and how I treat my acne.


8:30 AM: This is when my alarm rings and when I am supposed to wake up. Usually, for 30 minutes, I stay on my phone and check what’s been happening on social media while I was asleep [Billie Joe’s live videos on Instagram *cries*].


9 AM: This is when I actually get up from bed, drink water, take my pills then go to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I like to eat a lot in the morning to have energy during the day, especially that it’s very very hot. [Sadly, the day I took this photo, I forgot to go the supermarket so my fridge was empty lol] While having my breakfast, I tend to watch youtube videos or just surf on the internet.


10 AM: I am done with my breakfast, so I open my laptop and work on my blog for an hour while drinking my coffee or tea.

11 AM: Twice per week I go walk the dog of my neighbors for 30 minutes [they actually pay me to do that]. If I am not pet sitting, I would just do my skin care routine then work on what my director has asked me to do [currently working as an Assistant Director for a feature film] [If I pet sit, I do my skin care routine AFTER]


My skin care routine consists of first, cleaning my face with the cleansing lather gel by Heliabrine [my dermatologist recommended this product]. Second, scrubbing my lips with the sugar plum fairy lip scrub by Lush [love this] and third, toning my face with the purifying solution by Heliabrine [also recommended by my dermatologist]


Afterwards, I moisturize my face with The Body Shop vitamin C glow boosting moisturizer [I love this product, it really moisturizes my face and makes my skin looks so radiant yet it’s very lightweight, doesn’t feel sticky, wet or too creamy once on the face. Moreover, a little bit goes a long way], then I moisturize my under eyes with the Nivea Q10 Plus anti-wrinkling eye care cream [Great to moisturize not sure if it actually reduces the appearance of dark circles]. Finally I will moisturize my lips with some vaseline and my hands with Le Petit Olivier hand cream. Some time to time, I would also tweeze my eyebrows if needed.

And that’s it for my morning routine.

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  1. July 28, 2017 / 2:12 pm

    Your mornings sound so productive and well organised…mine are wake up and run around like a headless chicken to get ready on time x

    • July 28, 2017 / 2:19 pm

      HAHHAHAHA!! Your mornings sound exciting 😂 and yes i am known to be organized

  2. July 29, 2017 / 12:40 am

    That was super interesting to read! Love your morning routine 💕