2:22 [2017]

‘2:22’ is mystery/thriller film directed by Paul Currie. It tells the story of a man whose life changes when he notices a pattern of events that repeats itself everyday and ends exactly at 2:22pm.

For me, this film is a ‘yay/nay’ because the idea of the story is amazing however how they developed it, is awful; they started off so well but then fell into a typical commercial story. Also, the dialogues are too cheesy for my taste, the scrip writer could have worked better on them.

Adding up to that, the performances of the actors/actresses are horrible and not believable at all – I think Michiel Huisman’s acting is probably the best but it is still bad.

I will say that the ‘suspense’ is good; the film did grab my attention and I was intrigued but again, it is not astounding. Honestly, the only thing I actually appreciated in this film is the editing; it follows a specific pattern and the rhythm of the music which I enjoyed a lot. Moreover, this editing approach suits the theme of the film.

Another thing that I liked is the choice of shots: some of them are really beautiful but others are very basic. On top of that, the film is sometimes visually impressive but again, sometimes not always.

The thing with this film is that it’s neither bad, nor good, it’s in the middle and this is a bad thing because it is easily forgettable: it is an average film that I would watch only once and then forget about it the next day.

I think that the director was trying to go somewhere but failed; he was trying so hard to be a Christopher Nolan but oh man how much he has to learn.

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  1. July 10, 2017 / 10:03 pm

    ohhh, this sounds a little like memento!