NYX Cosmetics – Strobe of Genius, Illuminating Palette review

Hello my pumpkins, so I recently got a highlighting palette from NYX Cosmetics [It was actually a gift from my boyfriend] and honestly, I was not excepting it to be so good.

This product retails for 17.90€/ 19$ and for this price, you get 7 powder highlighters: 4 of them contain 2g/ 0.07 ounce of product and 3 of them contain of 4g/ 0.14 ounce of product.

I like the way the product is presented; the packaging is very simple yet clean and classy. I also like the fact that the top cover is transparent and that we can see the shades of the highlighters. Furthermore, the palette is not heavy whatsoever, it’s made out of plastic; it’s a typical ‘drugstore product packaging’ [it’s not really a positive thing but I don’t mind it cause the packaging looks neat and cute]

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 4

Now let’s talk about the product itself: when I swatched them on my arm, they glided on very smoothly and easily, they are not patchy at all, they are creamy, and very pigmented. [I am warning you; the brush barely touched the product and I got a very intense and blinding highlighter on my cheeks.]

Moreover, the highlighters blend well with the rest of the makeup and I really love the colors that the palette is offering, I think they can work on all skin tones.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

I think for the price, you get a good amount of product and of good quality. Therefore, this illuminating palette is definitely worth your money and I advice you to try it out.

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