The Mummy [2017]

‘The Mummy’, directed by Alex Kurtzman, is the introductory film to the world of gods and monsters, also known as Universal’s Dark Universe. This movie revives the iconic ‘mummy’ and tells the story of Ahmanet, an ancient Egyptian princess. 5,000 years after being imprisoned, Ahmanet wakes up from her crypt bringing with her terror and malice.

In my opinion, this film is a major flop and is just a really bad remake of the previous Mummy films [1932 and 1999].

First of all, there’s nothing special in the story, the actions are very predictable and the humor added in the story is bad and just doesn’t work for this film. Moreover, the characters are flat, stereotypical and not memorable.

Second of all, the acting is poor: it looked fake and not believable at all. I feel like the actors/actresses tried to imitate stereotypical characters from the previous films; they did not bring something new to their characters or bring them to life.

Third of all, I was so disappointed in the ending because it had so much potential to be different from the typical Hollywood ending and to be amazing but they ruined it. And of course, like most commercial films, the film’s ending suggests that there will be a sequel.

I guess ‘The Mummy’ is an easy movie to watch; it is entertaining, somehow thrilling and the visual/special effects are great [Nothing shocking, I mean we are in 2017 after all], there is just no depth in the story, in the characters and the acting is basic.

Hence, the fact that the movie is amusing, doesn’t make it worth watching.

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