I Am Legend [2007]

‘I Am Legend’ is a horror/ sci-fi film directed by Francis Lawrence [Also director of the three last Hunger Games] and starring Will Smith. This film recounts the story of a survivor who struggles to find a cure, three years after a virus has killed humanity and turned everyone into monsters.

Even though I like this kind of story, it is somehow deja-vu, for instance in ’28 days later…’ [2002]. Nonetheless, I like how the plot is constructed, how detailed it is and the built-up of the story is neat.

Despite that, it’s definitely not the story that made me love the film, it’s Will Smith’s acting performance.

His performance as a sole survivor is breathtaking, very emotional and very believable; he is able to transfer his character’s feelings to the audience; I really felt for his character. He also gives an accurate representation of what it’s like to be alone for such a long time and be away from society.

Moreover, the transitions from present to past and vice versa using sound are on point. In fact, the sound design is great and gave me goosebumps.

On the other hand, the visual effects are not good; the monsters look fake and animated as well as some of the events in the film but this error is forgivable since other things in the film are beautiful.

All in all, ‘I Am Legend’ is a very good horror film, it is not that scary [Not sure if that’s a negative point] and the visual effects are not that good but it has good story and a great acting. In all honesty, I would give it a 7/10 [mainly for the acting, and the fact that the movie touched me]

+it does somehow have a Hollywood happy ending but it didn’t bother me.

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