Greece – Crete/Athens

Me and my sister went to Greece two summers ago [in 2015] and it was such a fun, enlightening and relaxing trip.

Our first destination was Crete, Agios Nikolaos – We spent 6 days there and we thought this island was perfect to meditate and to relax; it’s literally paradise on earth, it’s not too crowded whatsoever, the city is gorgeous [this island is definitely more rural than urban and there are more trees than buildings], the beach is stunning [blue and clear], the mountains are beautiful [If you go there, I advise you to go hiking] and the people are very friendly.

Part of our touristic activities was a boat trip to Spinalonga Island. On the way, the boat stopped in the middle of the sea and we swam, it was a great experience. The island itself is very beautiful to visit and its history is very intriguing.

Thereafter, we went to a water park [Acqua Plus] which was an hour away from our hotel; it was not the best water park I’ve ever been to but it was fun.

[Of course, we visited the city, went shopping, tasted local foods, went to the beach – you can see everything on the video, link below]

After our trip to Crete, we went to Athens for one day only [we managed to discover almost the whole capital in less than 24 hours]. Athens is a beautiful city to see by foot; we walked a lot, we didn’t know where we were going, we didn’t plan anything and that’s why it was fun. So, we ended up in the Temple of Zeus then the Acropolis of Athens, both are a must-see. By the way, I really love greek mythology, like I even took a class about it, so going to the temples was like a kid going to Disney land for the first time.

The small streets of the city are also splendid, like I previously mentioned, walking is a good way to visit and the weather was pleasant; it was quite hot and sunny.

+Athens is definitely more expensive and crowded than Crete. And, Crete is a very windy island.

Here’s a personal video of our trip that I thought I would share with you


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