King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword [2017]

‘King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword’  is an adaptation of the tale of the legendary British King, Arthur. It is a fantasy/ adventure film, directed by Guy Ritchie and follows Arthur’s quest to defeating his evil uncle [who has ceased Arthur’s rights to the throne] and becoming king of England.

This film differs from all previous film adaptions of the Arthurian Legend: I really appreciated the director’s choice to add fantastic creatures and magic to this classic tale; it made the film more exciting and visually impressive.

The prologue of the film is actually quite messy and feels like a music video, it is true that it’s a different and unique directorial approach but I personally did not like it.

The movie carries on with quick cuts and moving from present to past, present to the future and vice versa: this editing approach makes the film unique and different from usual historical/mythical films. Even though I sort of liked this modern approach, at some point it became too repetitive – I think the director over-did it.

Furthermore, I felt like the characters were really out of place; like they were from the 21st century and were sent back to the 5th century – I did not get the feel of the Medieval period, if you see what I mean.

On another hand, I liked the performances of Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law – I think both of them were perfect for their roles and I liked Arthur’s humorous side.

According to The Guardian, King Arthur: Legend of the sword was a major failure on the opening week and I actually understand why. On top of that, the film is somewhat cheesy and cliché so I wouldn’t really advice you to watch it, but it’s a very entertaining film and there’s a lot of action.

I give it a 5/10: I didn’t hate it but I just was not impressed or moved by the movie, I think there are way better fantasy films out there.


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