Midnight In Paris [2011]

‘Midnight In Paris’ is a Fantasy/Romance-Comedy film directed and written by Woody Allen. Like the title implies, the movie takes place in Paris and follows the story of an American screenwriter who finds himself going back to the 1920s everyday at midnight.

First of all, the way the film starts is beautiful, I really loved the opening scene because first, it puts us in the mood of the film and second, the way Woody Allen portrays it is astounding [I think Allen is quite known for his beautiful portrayal of cities, like in ‘Manhattan’ for example]

Second of all,  the screenplay is very well thought of, very well written and constructed – I don’t usually love rom-coms but this one is amazing, in my opinion, especially that it’s about a character who is in love with Paris in the 1920s, in the rain. Moreover, the comic aspect of the film is not forced or over done, it’s rather settle and powerful – it’s a witty, sarcastic and sometimes light-hearted comedy. Woody Allen really worked on the tiniest details of the plot to make his audience laugh, feel nostalgic and attached to the characters.

Talking about the characters, they had depth and were realistic: each one of them had a distinctive personality and were special in their own way, they were not flat or superficial. Furthermore, the actors/actresses were able to deliver a genuine and realistic interpretation of their characters and I must add that the choice of cast is on point.

Third of all, the colour palette is just beautiful and suits very well the theme of the film [here are a few stills to give you an idea of the visuals]


I really advice you to watch it, it’s a movie unlike any other and by the way, it won four awards for best screenplay.

+The soundtrack selection is on point

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