Alien: Covenant [2017]

‘Alien: Covenant’ represents the 6th film of the Alien Saga and was directed by Ridley Scott [who previously directed ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Alien The Eighth Passenger’].  The film is about a crew of a colony ship who, while heading towards a remote planet, discover a more promising planet to settle down. While inspecting it, they are threatened by Aliens and attempt to escape.

There’s a lot of things I loved about this film and one of them is the plot: even though most actions were predictable, it was not superficial like most commercial films – I liked the details in the plot. Moreover, I loved the first scene of the film, I thought it was very meaningful, especially to society nowadays, and it differed from all the other scenes [dialogue, pace and visuals] – it was a beautiful introduction to the theme of the film.

Another thing I loved is the characters, specifically David: the character have depth and is memorable, I thought he was a very interesting character which is not something I see often in commercials [the characters are always so basic].

One of the reasons why the character is amazing is because the actor who portrayed him knew exactly how to portray him. As a matter of fact, Michael Fassbender’s performance as David and Walter [Yes, he plays two characters] is very impressive.

Another strong element in the film, besides the acting, is the visuals. The cinematography and production design of the film are stunning – the colour palette and the shots are on point and well chosen according to the scene.

It is probably one of the best sci-fi/horror films I’ve watched so far and I really advice you to watch it if you’re into those kind of films.

+By the way, the film is not that scary, it just startles you.


*Note that I did not watch the previous Alien movies 

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