Nerve [2016]

Nerve was directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost and it tells the story of high school girl who finds herself playing an intense online game of truth or dare [without the truth] and gradually becomes trapped in that game. I must admit that this film is very entertaining, very dynamic and thrilling: I did not get bored whatsoever, in fact, I really enjoyed it and it made me nervous.

However, because the film is very busy [lights, music and story] it actually distracted me from the details of the plot and characters: both were not complete and were more or less superficial.

Even though the idea of the story is nice and inventive, I don’t think it was well-developed. Moreover, the story resolution is too easy and unrealistic and I wish the movie ended a different way [I don’t like happy endings]. Therefore, I am not a fan of the plot and even less a fan of the acting: it was good and believable but there was nothing special or surprising – I was not thrilled or moved by the performance of the actors/actresses.

Basically, this film is very basic but like i previously mentioned, the directors focused mostly on making the film energetic, visually impressive and thrilling. It’s an easy movie to watch and it doesn’t require any deep thinking.

I give it a 6/10 because I enjoyed watching it.

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