The Lost City Of Z [2017]

The Lost City Of Z, directed by James Gray, tells the true story of a British colonel, Percy Fawcett, who finds a passion for exploration after the Royal Geographical Society of England sends him to map the boundaries between Brazil and Bolivia. He then becomes obsessed in finding a lost city in the amazonian jungle and does everything in his power to find it. I watched this film with my best friend at the cinema and we absolutely loved it. I would give it a 7.5/10.

I already love history films so it’s not shocking that I loved this one, especially that some adventure and action were involved. Furthermore, I thought the story of this historical figure was worth making a movie about – the fact that the main character believed in an older and more advanced civilization than that in Britain moved me a lot [I hate the ego the westerns used to have, thinking that they were better than anyone else which gave them the right to colonize others].

I thought Charlie Hunnam’s performance was amazing: he was able to deliver perfectly well the main character’s intentions, desires and love for the amazonian civilization. Moreover, his acting was genuine and believable – Same thing goes with the other actors’ performances.

Nonetheless, I thought the beginning of the film [first expedition] was too rushed: I don’t feel like the director gave enough time for the audience to see the atrocity of the jungle and the struggle that the explorers went through – it might be a directorial choice but the characters in the film mentioned that their first experience there was horrible except that I did not feel it or even see it.

+This movie is great to watch with friends and family, it is very entertaining and I did not get bored whatsoever.



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