Princess Mononoke [1997]

You can’t even imagine how much I loved this anime, probably one of the best I’ve watched.

The movie, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, is set in medieval japan and tells the story of Ashitaka, prince of the tribe Emishi, who was cursed after saving his village from a demon. Ashitaka makes the decision to leave his village to find a cure. In his journey, he finds himself in the middle of a war between the gods of nature and the humans who consume its sources. Princess Mononoke, raised by wolves, refuses to accept herself as a human. Filled with hate, she decides to go to war against the humans and kill the leader. On the other hand, Ashitaka tries to find balance and peace; he tries to avoid the war between the two forces and tries to find another peaceful solution.

I was so taken by this film, i could literally not do anything else but watch it, my eyes were fixed on the tv, I was absorbed by this alternate reality set in historical japan between the 14th and 16th century. Honestly, the artwork and animation is mind-blowing and so creative!!!! [so much talent in one movie] I loved the fact that the director added some dark and gory aspects, it made the film even more interesting.

Besides the fantasy and the astonishing visuals, the music is good: very emotional, it emphasises the drama and the magical elements. The plot is on point; it is based on myths, with a strong message, it is far from being typical and/or boring and the character development is present!

+ If you love Spirited Away, you most probably will love this film too.

+ If you are not fund of fantasy films or animes, you might enjoy this film for other elements such as the plot,the music, the character development, the action, or the fact that it is entertaining and enjoyable.

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