I'm Here [2010]

‘I’m Here’ is a short film directed by Spike Jonze [who also directed the movie ‘Her’]. It’s set in a world where robots co-habit with humans  but they are considered to be minorities and are discriminated by humans. It’s a very emotional drama/romance film. In fact, towards the end of the film, I started crying. It’s a movie with a strong plot, beautiful visuals, impressive performance and emotional music.

Even though, the main characters are robots [therefore they don’t have facial expressions], I could easily understood their emotional state through their body language, tonality of the voice but also the eyes had an important role in depicting the feelings of the characters.

The colours of the film are very dull (mainly blue and beige) maybe to depict the mental state of the main character (Sheldon), to depict his lonely and boring life. Hence, I think the art direction is very significant and beautiful

The music of the film helped set the mood and atmosphere. I absolutely loved the main theme song; I don’t know how to put it in words but i think it’s very robotic and emotional. The choice of having mainly diegetic sound is on point because it emphasizes the realism even though it’s a sci-fi and robots don’t actually live among us or have feelings [till now]

I do advise you to watch it. You can find it on youtube btw, and it’s less than an hour so go watch it!

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